8 Things Kate Middleton Always Wears in the Fall

Given Kate Middleton’s packed calendar during the fall months, we’ve gotten to bear witness to many of her cozy outfits over the years, and there are some apparent patterns. Middleton isn’t one to change up her style a lot, as her wardrobe veers quite classic and she has her fair share of “rules” to follow as a member of the British royal family. For that reason, there are certain staples that she’s been wearing for years.

So why does it matter? Middleton is one of the most put-together and influential women on the face of the earth. People drop everything to see what she’s wearing, and everything she puts on is carefully considered. But she never looks like she’s trying too hard—she typically looks comfortable and confident in whatever she’s wearing, and that’s the goal, right?

Given her knack for fall dressing, we thought it would be both fun and useful to share some of her autumnal wardrobe staples, all of which she wears year after year. Read on to shop them for your own closet.

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